FOREST FOOTSTEPS Homeschooling Pod

Our Homeschooling Preschool/Kindergarten Pod offers a safe and warm environment with a Certified Waldorf teacher for your child to learn and grow. The three-day school week and shortened school day, allows for ample time during the remainder of the days for other pursuits or just quality time as a family. You will notice very quickly that the space created by Ms. Jan provides a classroom that enhances the child’s natural sense of joy, wonder and imagination.

Our Waldorf-inspired early years classroom focuses on meeting the developmental needs of the growing child. A daily schedule based on a balance of imaginative play and guided activities contributes to a child’s healthy development. Included in their day will be such activities as: creative play time, outdoor time, circle time and story time, all strengthening their social skills, emotional resiliency and language skills.

The predictable daily schedule, when anticipated by a child, creates a sense of safety and calm. The teacher has studied intensely the developmental phases of childhood, and believes in asking of the student what they are developmentally capable of giving; this way, your child goes home at the end of the day feeling competent and successful.

As a parent of the Activate Homeschooling Pod, you will share an important role in educating your child. You believe in a play-based curriculum, knowing that statistics show that early academics do not necessarily ensure a smarter child, while free play is so very vital in strengthening independence within a social setting. Furthermore, you acknowledge that a classroom that nurtures diversity and community will foster a similar belief in your child. You embrace the concept that a movement-based curriculum is what your child needs right now rather than spending most of their day sitting “still” in a traditional classroom setting. By incorporating practical usage of math concepts and language arts throughout their day, you can support that your child will learn these subjects intuitively and be prepared for the formal academic instruction in Grade One. A steady stream of communication will be established between you as the parents and Ms. Jan, the teacher.

Your child will be fed organic, healthy snacks, and all of their senses will be nourished by the environment. The teacher will consciously choose to strengthen these senses with: natural toys and fibres for touch, the smell of cooking grains or bread, the pleasing colours of the silks, and the simple, uncluttered space so that the wee ones won’t become overstimulated. One of the most important goals of the Kindergarten is to protect childhood.

Your child will benefit from the healthy aspects of a Waldorf curriculum shared by a trained and experienced Waldorf teacher. In addition, incorporating the principles based on the work of Magda Gerber, Emmi Pikler, Janet Landsbury and RIE, Ms. Jan brings a current and enlightened parenting approach which honours your child’s feelings and works with the child to determine positive outcomes. Your child will leave the classroom feeling as if they have been seen and heard under her gentle tutelage.

Miss Jan and Kola


“I could not be more in love with Miss Jan. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your child is growing and learning, happy, cared for and intensely loved!” Miranda

My daughter (who just turned 3) and I have been attending Miss Jan's playgroup every week for several months. It has been such a lovely experience for the both of us! I love that there is a combination of free play and structure within the session and the children all seem to love the routine. Play, songs, homemade snacks, circle time, stories and more play, it's really sweet how the children anticipate all the elements throughout the session. If you are looking for a very thoughtful, structured and calming space for you and your child to enjoy together, this is it. It's a unique setting and unlike any other playgroup we've attended before. Miss Jan is reassuring and has plenty of insight and experience with children to share with us parents, another perk.” Theresa